If you are easily offended, turn back now.

Hello world!

Years have gone by and I have ranted. Life has gone on and I have ranted. This blog is now my attempt to get some people out there to look around and think about the world around them in a new light. Why? You may ask… because in this beautiful new age of social media, any idiot can wander a few sites and add their measly two cents to the dregs of social retardation. It’s my turn.

What will you find here? Maybe some basic complaints about peoples behavior. Maybe a base explanation as to how early South Americans made their heads elongated. Maybe the path of enlightenment, but I doubt it.If anything here offends you, if anything you read here makes you want to drop a deuce on your bosses desk, if it makes you feel uncomfortable… good. I was not put on this Earth to pat you on the head and give you a cookie for being a good drone, and I was taught at a young age that any day gone without offending at least one person is a day wasted. However, that does not mean I am a malevolent force… in fact I am quite benevolent… but sometimes we need an eye opener.

What the future will bring…

Bicycles and you: The willing grease spots

Politics: Governmental Masturbation

Sexual Incompetence: Let’s spread disease together

Social Order: Adopt anarchy as a unifying government

Stupid People: Does this need a pretext?


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