If you are easily offended, turn back now.

Chatting: Trollidise for the mentally unstable

I don’t know how many people here enjoy a good online chat with a few choice strangers. But I do. I especially enjoy Omegle… if ever you want to find a cross section of Trolls, Social Ruhtards, and sad desperate sexually incompetent strangers… it is your place to shine. Of course there are the rare, but much appreciated, normies who strike up a wonderful conversation and make the experience worth while… but that’s not where we are going today.

This week we uncover Sock Puppets. No I don’t mean any sexual disorder dealing with personality issues and cashmere. Nor do I mean the world famous Penis Puppets. What I mean is people posing as someone or something they are not. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes pretending to be someone you are not is healthy… say reading a book or playing a video game… what I mean is totally different.

So I am playing a game on a relatively well known site that offers a plethora of flash based mind numbing. Here I am, enjoying myself and I decide to look at the side bar to see a chatter trying to get the attention of a “female” chatter. There are a lot of various “hey babbies” and the like, and she continues to play this unsuspecting dude like a fiddle. Personally, I feel it is my prerogative to interfere so as to make sure everyone avoids any unto embarrassment. Let’s face it, there are guys out there who will pose as a woman to get what they want and it pisses me off… grinds my gears, to turn a phrase. These Sock Puppets manage to get boys to buy credits or other non-real currency for the Puppets with their own hard earned cash. Now mind you, people can do whatever the hell they want to with their own money… and yes, stupid is as stupid does… but again, it gets me.

With this going on, I make a comment about this Puppet being something they are not. This is the best part, because EVERY game I have played or every site I have been involved with that has a system based currency that you can trade has had this exact same story that passes from generation to generation and system to system. First it is the pity card, “my parents are dead” and “I live alone with my sister” are common repetitions. No parents suggests that this “girl” has free reign to do as she pleases… Living with the sister gets the hormone crazed teenager brain to make suggestive leaps and bounds. If you keep pressing and asking key questions based on their responses, you find holes. The “dead parents” are suddenly separated or not in the picture, the sister can vary even more wildly from aunt to… my favorite… brother. Are you so lost in your deceit that you didn’t even make a cheat sheet to refer to when the questions arise so you can avoid such snafus? Snafi? Snafulu?

Now yes, I look like a complete D-Bag by picking on a poor girl who lost her family and can only make ends meet by slumming credits off of poor unsuspecting schmucks who live in a self imposed solitude of potato chips, Mountain Dew, and hygene induced celibacy. Or do I? Remember I said I know the signs to look for. When these people start up, I take a gander at the good old fashioned profile. What do we find here? A half completed “about me” and a gender… possibly age… but what stands out is the painfully hot profile picture showing off a perfect six pack, C+ cups, and legs that go to forever. Yes, I know some hot gamer girls so I am not prejudiced, but that is why I love TinEye.com. With reverse photo lookup what do you find? The exact same image posted thousands of times on… whats that? Russian and Persian “Lady Pages.” Each one has a completely different profile and a staggeringly diverse range of locations.

What happens when you raise this issue with the owner of the picture in their profile on the game site chat room? ‘Lo and behold, a week later the profile is gone. Oh well… one down, 10million to go… Maybe if other people went through the trouble I have of finding and exposing trolls, we would have less people whining about how they feel bullied by strangers on chat sites, but that is a rant for another day.


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