If you are easily offended, turn back now.

Bicycles: The boy in the bubble went mobile

I don’t know if it is the same where you are, but where I live it seems that bicycles rule the road. All of us driver have been there, tooling down the road on a pleasant day when some no necker on his 10 speed decides to block traffic. The speed limit is 30 but he doesn’t care, he barely breeches 15. There is an empty parking lane that seems to defy his ability as he swerves left and right. You maintain a safe distance behind, unable to get past because of oncoming traffic. Does this deter his obtrusiveness? Of course not. He pedals sedately along.
Then salvation appears. You need to turn up ahead… Safety seems fleeting as he makes a sudden and wild turn just as you barely miss pasting this twit all over the pavement. Does this phase him? No. Wait… Did he just barrel through a stop sign AND a stop light? Why yes… Yes he did.
I want to know, who gave these little shits the sense of righteousness to flagrantly ignore traffic law and decide for themselves whether or not they are pedestrians. Do they know that bicycles are supposed to acknowledge and follow all traffic signs? Did anyone explain that they are supposed to be on the sidewalk when in residential and industrial areas… Not to mention highways? Are they in know that the only time they should be on the road is in commercial districts? All signs point to ‘NO.’
Why is it that in oder to drive a motor vehicle I am required to pass a plethora of tests while any invalid with a few dollars can purchase a bicycle and take to the road with a devil may care attitude? But of course they can never be in the wrong because political correctness demands us to respect and cow-tow to these green monstrosities. And what happens when we complain? WE get yelled at for using fossil fuels. I’m sorry, but I actually have a job that doesn’t require me to have dreadlocks and drink DBR. Does this make me a bad person? Apparently, because why else would I become so indignant about some egalitarian eunuch who has about as much traffic sense as a box of tampons yells at me because they can’t maintain the speed limit and block the flow. For christs sake people… Even the Amish know how to use a goddamned stop sign.


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