If you are easily offended, turn back now.

Employment: Socially acceptable slavery

As per our unspoken agreement, I was not to talk about work. However, I found something that burns my cheese when dealing with employers. Basically, as a happy worker we are all supposed to understand that should we feel the need to explore employment within a differing company, it is common courtesy to give two weeks notice. We do this so as to prevent our former company, which we are believed to respect, from being left holding the bag without anyone to fill our spots. By doing this, the company looses less time and manpower and can continue to operate on acceptable levels as if we never left. I have never left a job without giving 2 weeks notice… it’s just the polite and mature thing to do.

But here is the kicker. Some upper lever ass-hat gets some wild hair and decides their numbers just don’t crunch like they should. This CFO, having worked the books a month ahead of time, decides the only way to cook the books to work in their favor so they can have an extra vacation day in May is to let go of your entire department. Does this information reach you the moment they realize that there is just no other way to work it than to give out pink slips? No. They wait, they stew, they sit on their hands and pretend that every goddamned thing in the world is hunky fucking dory. Do they live by the same standards we do? Do we get the same fair and equitable compensation for our getting laid off? Do we get our own TWO WEEKS NOTICE TO FIND A JOB WHEN WE TOO NEED TO PAY BILLS? Of course not. We are lowly minions of the corporate machine. We have no souls and not needs that deserve viewing or consideration. We are nothing but numbers on a goddamned file. Our lives mean little more than a shipment of pens and stationary or who gets a new sports car. We mean nothing to these CEO CFO douchebags and are treated accordingly. But still, we go on about our lives and pretend that we actually mean something to these corporate shills.

It’s just like being in a bad relationship. There is break up words being spoken, and the inevitable words are spoken by the one doing the breaking up, “I love you so much I could die, I just can’t think about living without you.” The same words come from the corporation, “We will just have to find a way to function without you, I don’t see how we will be able to complete the project without you.” If we are so goddamned important, then why the fuck are we being let go?

My point being, if you expect us to treat you with respect, give us the same treatment. Give us a chance to get back on our feet after you pull the rug out from under us. Don’t kick us while we’re down. Don’t look down your nose at us. Treat us the same way you expect us to treat you and then maybe we will have a lot less disillusioned people out there who can actually figure their shit out.


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