If you are easily offended, turn back now.


Firearms: How to breed a fear monger

We all heard of the recent events on Connecticut. We all now hear how both sides of the fence are creating a schism. But what is the real issue here? Many people blame violent video games, violent movies, and violent cartoons… but are these the real issues?

As A child, I was raised on Loony Tunes. I watched Elmer Fudd fire his shotgun at Daffy Duck with no consequences. Here were anthropormorphic people being shot, blasted into oblivion, and falling off of cliffs; yet no one was hurt in the long run. What did this teach me as a child? Cartoons are funny. My parents took the effort to show me that in life there are real life consequences.

In my childhood, I was also introduced to games like Corridor 7, Doom, and Rise of the Triad. In these games you shoot your way through monsters, nazis, and a plethora of other nasties and be labeled a hero. What did this teach me as a child? Games are fun. My parents took the effort to teach me that games were not real life.

One of my favorite movies growin up was The Shining. Here you get to watch Jack Nicholson go crazy… classic. What did this teach me as a child? Movies are fun. My parents taught me the difference between reality and fiction.

Way back when, I remember playing Cowboys and Indians. We would go around and fire cap, rubber band, and water pistols at each other. What did this make me think as a child? Playing with friends is a great time to be had. My parents taught be how to be careful with real weapons and how to protect myself.

Did I grow up to be a violent psychopath who went through Malls, Schools, and other public places with a few hundred rounds of ammunition? Those who know me know the answer to that… but the answer for the rest of you is NO. I am a relatively useful member of society, I pay my taxes, I am married, and I am a pacifist my choice. Furthermore, I own a firearm and so does my wife. For V-Day one year I bought my wife a fully functional crossbow. She herself was raised in many of the same ways I was, but without the video games. Is she a violent psychopath? Not as far as I know.

Simply put, a craftsman does not blame the tool for his mistakes as society should not blame the gun for a mentally ill person going on a killing spree. In China, on the same day as the Connecticut shooting, went through a primary school and slashed 22 children. The point being that if someone wants to hurt someone, they will find a medium to do so. Why don’t we try educating our children rather than placing them in front of the TV so we can play on our phones? Why don’t we nurture our children with social interaction?

Is any of this too much to ask? I don’t think so. Maybe we should start focusing in on the real issues by making mental health not such a stigma. Maybe we should start making education a priority. Let’s stop teaching our kids to be victims, let’s make this world better by making our children self sufficient and intelligent.


Television: The Great Educator

In my few years on this planet, I’ve noticed a few things. There was a show where a guy, who had a very similar name to a famous zombie movie make-up guru, went around to find every day people on the streets to ask them random questions about history and what-not. It was funny watching as college grad adults answered questions in the way you would expect a 3rd grader to. Such as WWII having occurred around the 1960’s or watching as they tried to pronounce the word on the card that said “Albuquerque.” Hilarious.

But now we find the onslaught of reality television has hammered us on a daily basis to celebrate and emulate these lack-witted, falsely entitled, mentally deficient chuds the world over. Yes, sometimes watching people be dumbasses can be entertaining… why do some people strive to be like them? Is it the need to feel important? Do some people simply live to catch the limelight no matter what the cost or time frame? Could it be because people want to make money while serving as little use to the world as physically and mentally possible? Does anyone really care about whether or not two mental invalids hook up over a night of heavy drinking and lack of thought over a little thing called consequences? Apparently some people do… kind of sad when you put it that way.

Those who know me will say things like, “Hey… Weren’t you obsessed with The Colony?” or “Aren’t you currently getting caught up with Mythbusters?” My answer to you is, “That’s not my point, smartass!” Those shows actually teach people things like the magical worlds of science and history. If you can teach me how the world works, how to survive, or how people used to do things and why it worked… I say tell me more, we all need to know more and should celebrate the technological, sociological, and anthropological way of things. We should advance educationally not boozicologically. Yes, beer and alcohol have been at the forefront of many things scientific… but you don’t need a few fingers of Yag to learn how to be a social ruhtard. I would rather learn how to make black powder than how to bone a slut on a Friday night.

Life is about learning and the betterment of the world around us. Maybe we should start working toward the future and not toward getting laid and losing braincells just from watching the shore.