If you are easily offended, turn back now.

My Candidacy for President

That’s right. Please consider me for the 2016 Presidential Race. My stations will be posted here as they arrive. If you are curious about my stance on an issue, please ask it here and it will be made clear accordingly.

Legalization of Prostitution:

First: Brothels will be a legal and sanctioned business type. These business owners will provide healthcare and various other social revenue offered to those of us also working a regular 9-5. The diseases possessed by these men and women will be treated accordingly, thus lowering the amount of sexually transmitted diseases that are already on the street. Birth control will also be provided along with other services deemed necessary via case by case. These brothels will be provided permits should the owner keep up with social regulations and pay their taxes and provide their employees with the services promised.

With healthcare services being provided, as said before, STD’s will be a much lower statistic. Furthermore, drug rehabilitation being provided through health insurance can get these people the care and support they need and deserve.

Second: These Brothels will be legal and sanctioned businesses. Pimps will lose their business to legal businesses. Forcing these lawbreakers to either find new sources of vocation, or actually get themselves educated and provide a service to the world.

Legalization and Distribution of Illicit Drugs:

First: By legalizing these drugs, the government can set a basic tax for the purchase of these items and paraphernalia. The product can be sold, at the business owners will to do so. Those purchasing will be required to be 18 years of age or older and be forced to provide identification. Various mandates about which or how much of these drugs being used can be checked and balanced from state to state and business to business.

Second: Because of the legalization, illegal Dealers will be forced off the streets because the government is, let’s face it. the best drug dealer on the planet. This, after some time, will lower the amount of crime on the streets because the gangs will no longer have the means to support their own illegal business. Violent crime would drop.


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